Individual vs Group lessons


you are not alone

you are a member of a group, you practice the language not just with your teacher but with others who might be in the same or similar situation as you are. You progress and grow together. You motivate each other and support each other to keep going and learning.

a social aspect
you have real people to connect with via language learning. You can find connections going beyond that.
the class dynamics

the group learning may be fun and diverse with much of interactive practice and learning


The full attention of a tutor

your tutor knows you well – your language level, who you are, what is relevant to you and is capable of creating a personalised unique learning program for you.


if you put yourself to work, stay open and try to use all the faculty your tutor has, you can advance and get to another level of using the language real fast.

unique materials

with overall personalised content unique materials are created and given to the students.

your own pace
you are the only one who decides how much time you need to spend on each topic. If you need more time, your tutor will practice with you until you feel confident enough or just briefly revise the topics which you are already fairly confident with